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Our team that changes your life standards with its projects that add value to your life and works respectfully to nature and the environment with its creative and innovative philosophy. It uses up-to-date construction technologies in all its works, and offers quality, aesthetic and long-term solutions. Baransel İnşaat's experienced team has succeeded in completing all the projects it has undertaken with its professional technical staff, quickly and without any problems.

It is not far to have the key to the life you dream of!
You specify your demands, we will design it or examine our options prepared as a result of our experience and experience, and we will adapt it according to your referrals and priorities and build your living space.
Baransel Group provides you with its expert and dynamic team. By providing guidance service in your commercial and residential projects, it helps you to finish your project smoothly from the beginning to the end of the construction.

When people buy real estate that they will live or buy for commercial activities, they look for the feature of being able to respond to all their needs and feelings. Projecting, design and construction are the most appropriate solutions at this point. For these reasons, in order to have a real estate that is suitable for your personal tastes and for you, firstly, the land - land in the location you have determined is purchased. After this stage, a project is made in accordance with the zoning plan in line with your thoughts and tastes. After the necessary procedures are completed and the construction permit is obtained, the construction of the real estate begins. With the completion of the rough construction, the construction material (Ceramic, Kitchen, Door, Window, Paint, etc.) suitable for your tastes is selected. Our customers who do not have the chance to visit the construction periodically take photos and send them to their address, and any undesirable situation that is out of control is prevented. The construction is completed in an average of 5-7 months, the final controls are made, the necessary procedures and official transactions are completed and the real estate is delivered to you in a usable condition.


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