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How about an unforgettable holiday experience in luxury and exclusive villas on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts? TatilVillam has hosted thousands of guests since 2006 and has steered the villa rental sector today.

The villas, apartments, chalets and farmhouses of your dreams are located in the well-known or unexplored holiday regions of Turkey. Our company, which was established in 2006 to allow you to experience the holiday. Today, it has the largest and most exclusive villa and apartment rental portfolio in Turkey and is the leading company that mediates the rental of villas and apartments in Turkey.

While Holiday Villam offers holiday options specially selected and tailored to our criteria in line with our directives, it offers you the delivery of the villas and apartments we rent and then the perfect service that you can reach 24/7.

You can choose your villa from our website to experience the holiday of your dreams, or you can tell us what kind of residence you want to spend your holiday in and have an unforgettable holiday in the holiday house we recommend.

Within the regions where it operates; Our company, which provides professional services in subjects such as villa rental, housing and land sales, continues to grow by giving value to customer comments. In 2011, our company has provided services to more than 2000 families by renting 150 residences. Our company, which expands its service network and portfolio day by day thanks to its quality service, offers you the rental of only quality and certain standards of residence.

As the Tatilvillam.com team, our biggest mission is to become a world-renowned Turkish company that offers real reliable service on-site and without any problems, by avoiding virtual internet sites that do marketing only on the website without any activity and no financial expense in Turkey.


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Tatil Villam - Address for an Unforgettable Holiday

vbaransel-villas-logo Everyone has the right to have an unforgettable holiday after a busy working period. Especially in these days when hygiene is important, villa rental and rental villa options are gaining much more value. Villa rental alternatives, which offer a more detached holiday, are generally among the favorites of those who like to spend a holiday in a secluded environment. In this direction, Tatil Villam brings you the holiday opportunity you are looking for with the types of rental villas it offers.

Baransel Villas - Exclusive Holiday Villas

vbaransel-villas-logo Founded in 2019, Baransel Villas has created a platform targeting foreign customers where they can make online reservations with a credit card. It represents the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts in Europe with its wide portfolio of carefully selected ultra-luxury villas in regions such as Kalkan and Fethiye, which are highly preferred by foreign tourists.

Tatil Hane - Affordable Holiday Villas & Boat Rentals

villa-lardini With its 16 years of experience with Tatil Villam, Baransel Group has brought a new perspective to the sector with TatilHane.com. It has signed a platform where Villa Owners can manage their properties and almost all landlords can rent short-term with low commission rates.

Tatil Teknem - Luxury Boats for Rent on the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts

villa-lardini Baransel Group, with TatilTeknem.com, which it branded in 2021, offers many luxury boats, gulets, sailboats and motor yachts to its esteemed guests.

Turkey's Leader in Villa Rentals on the Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts

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Our aim is to transform the comfort and peace of our valued guests into an unforgettable holiday.…

Among the summer rental villa options; You can rent a villa suitable for your holiday with a variety of villas with swimming pool, children's pool, heated pool, large garden, luxuriously furnished, sea-facing and sheltered villas. The location of the place to stay is also important while on vacation. If you want to be close to the settlement, you can choose a villa for rent in the city center or if you are a nature lover, you can choose a villa in nature. If you want to reach the sea immediately, you can rent a villa by the sea.

You can have a wonderful summer holiday by renting a villa in world-renowned touristic towns such as Kalkan, Kaş, Ölüdeniz, Göcek, Bodrum, with its turquoise sea and lush nature. If you are interested in nature sports such as paragliding, parasailing, diving, trekking, you can make your holiday much more enjoyable by renting a villa in the nearest places to these activities.

When choosing a villa for rent, you should also consider what kind of holiday you will have. If you want to rent a summer villa for your honeymoon, the types of sheltered villas offer you more private space. It is possible to have a pleasant holiday process with your spouse in a unique environment. If you are considering a holiday with children, choosing a villa with a children's pool will make you happy. After choosing a villa for you from among TatilVillam options, all you have to do is to say to yourself "rent a villa now".