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Yazlık Hanem

Our company, which provides real estate investment consultancy and appraisal services in holiday regions on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. It provides fast and reliable service in finding real estates such as Villa, Apart, Office, Land, Field, Land in line with the requests for sale and rent.

As Baransel Real Estate, we call people first and open new lives and new horizons with our expert and professional staff. We only undertake the marketing of quality and trouble-free projects that we trust. It informs our customers when and how to make the right investment. We provide services in accordance with laws and regulations.

It's our job to invest for your future or to evaluate your real estate, you try to enjoy and relax.…

It has been prepared and presented to our customers in order to mediate the sale of exclusive Summer Villas and Apartments on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts with all their details and real values.

YazlıkHanem.com site helps local and foreign investors who want to own a summer house in Turkey to find the real estate with all the details and features instead of wasting time on confusing and misleading real estate sites. undertakes.

As YazlıkHanem.com, our main goal is to present the summer house that our valued customers want to have, in detail, and to ensure that you own the cottage you are interested in without any problems.


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Yazlık Hanem

Our team, which changes your life standards with its projects that add a plus to your life, and works respectfully to nature and the environment with its creative and innovative philosophy. It uses up-to-date construction technologies in all its works, and offers quality, aesthetic and long-term solutions. Baransel İnşaat's experienced team has succeeded in completing all the projects it has undertaken with its professional technical staff, quickly and without any problems.

It's not far from you to have the key to the life you dream of!

Developing since 2006, Baransel İnşaat brings you the house of your dreams with its expert staff and innovative solutions. Baransel Construction, which has delivered all the projects it has undertaken in a timely and complete manner, builds luxury and exclusive residences with its vast experience. You can see the foreign currency values of our projects offered for sale on YazlıkHanem.com, and you can make an investment analysis if you wish.

  • Real estate sales and brokerage services
  • Land determination and valuation
  • Expertise Service
  • Project development in return for land
  • Rental guaranteed villa sale
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Reliable and precise solutions in Aegean and Mediterranean regions…

You specify your demands, we will design it, or examine our options prepared as a result of our experience and experience, and we will adapt it according to your referrals and priorities and build your living space.
Baransel Group, with its expert and dynamic team, provides you with guidance in your commercial and residential projects, helping you to complete your project smoothly from the beginning to the end of the construction.