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Baransel Insurance Brokerage Services started to work as a sub-agency with 21 insurance companies within the body of the broker in 2006, and as a result of its experience, it started to serve as the "A" TYPE AUTHORIZED AGENCY, providing services in all branches of Ak Sigorta, one of the leading insurance companies in the sector.


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Baransel Insurance - SigortaSenedim.com


Established in 2021, Sigortasenedim.com takes the insurance activities under the Baransel Group one step further. Traffic Insurance, Dask, Casco etc. You can get an online quote from our insurance services.

Continuing its insurance activities under the umbrella of AkSigorta, Baransel Group branded its insurance activities in 2008 under the name of Baransel Insurance. Insurance Senedim, a new insurance brand, was established in 2021. In the system, which works completely on my online site, evaluations are made by our team members who are experts in the field of insurance and your policy is prepared.


Our Insurance Areas

  • Fire Insurances,
  • Transport Insurance,
  • Personal Accident Insurance,
  • Earthquake insurance (DASK),
  • Engineering Insurances,
  • Agricultural Insurance,
  • Motor Insurance,
  • Housing and Workplace Insurance,
  • Hotel Package Insurance,
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment Insurance,
  • Travel Insurance,
  • Health insurance
  • Traffic insurance,
  • Commercial and Industrial Risk Insurances,
  • Life Insurance