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Baransel Group
Since 2006

Baransel Group

Our company was established in 2006 as a real person company and started to serve in the real estate and insurance sector.
In line with customer demands and company targets, our legal entity Baransel Group was established in 2009. Today, three different companies, all of whose capital and authority belong to Baransel Group, have merged and offer brokerage services for REAL ESTATE, CONSTRUCTION, TOURISM, AUTOMOTIVE and INSURANCE under the name of Baransel Group. and aims to provide trouble-free service, works in this direction and offers solutions.
As Baransel Group, we aim to provide uninterrupted and trouble-free service to our valued customers in our Kalkan, Fethiye, Bodrum, Istanbul and Europe offices, and we work in this direction and offer solutions.
Baransel Grup Gece

As Baransel Group, we aim to provide uninterrupted and trouble-free service to our valued customers in the sectors we serve. For this reason, we always work with the pioneers of every sector and offer solutions.

We continue to serve as Ak Sigorta and Groupama Sigorta A Agency, as a result of their experience, starting with the Broker that works in the insurance sector primarily under contract with 21 insurance companies.

In the field of construction and project design, we work together with architects, civil engineers, surveyors and technical staff and act together in all details. We give long-term guarantees to all the constructions and renovations we complete and work in line with customer satisfaction.

This system, which we pioneered in the field of tourism, started with the fact that we witnessed this system being made by the wrong people and organizations and our customers wanted to receive this service from us. In return for our customer satisfaction, reliable and detailed service, our portfolio and customer base are expanding every year.

Our office is located in Kalkan and Fethiye, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. Our company, which has expanded its portfolio over time, continues its activities in the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. In the sectors we serve, our authorized personnel have the necessary training and certificates.


Baransel means a flood that reaches its goal and comes from strength to strength. Its origin is Persian and Turkish. Endless thanks to Mehmet ŞİMŞEK, owner of Şimşek Holding in Denmark, who gave his name to our company and set an example for us on the way to success and guided us with his experience.


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Our Mission

To be a world-renowned leading Turkish company that provides real reliable service in line with customer satisfaction, which updates the developing technology in the world and the changes required by the time.

Our vision

The vision of our company, which sees customer satisfaction as the first condition for growth; To determine the rapidly increasing technological developments and customer needs in our age and to meet the needs in the shortest time and accurately by providing our services based on knowledge and experience.

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Baransel Group
Baransel Grup

In addition to adding value to the economy of our country and region in all the sectors we serve, we pioneered the development of the sectors.

  • Property
    We provide real estate investment consultancy and appraisal services in holiday regions located on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.
  • Tourism
    We have hosted thousands of guests since 2006 with Tatil Villam, Tatil Hane and Baransel Villas, the pioneers of villa rental in Turkey.
  • Construction
    Baransel İnşaat's experienced team has succeeded in completing all the projects it has undertaken with its professional technical staff, quickly and without any problems.
  • Insurance
    In 2008, we started to serve as the 'A' TYPE AUTHORIZED AGENCY of Ak Sigorta providing services in all branches.
Baransel Grup Gece
Baransel Group

Our Offices

We are at your service with our Fethiye, Kalkan, Bodrum Regional Offices as well as our Istanbul and European Liaison Offices.

Our Corporate Brands

Three different companies belonging to Baransel Group have merged and created their own brands in the real estate, construction, tourism, automotive and insurance sectors under the name of Baransel Group.

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